Mission Statement

Razan's Organic Kitchen
Razan’s Organic Kitchen

Razan’s Organic Kitchen features all organic ingredients and free-range chicken, beef and wild fish. We support sustainable organic agriculture and maintain relationships with organic farmers.

All dishes are freshly prepared and cooked with the best organic ingredients, featuring favorite Mexican and Middle Eastern plates, burritos and wraps. Fresh-squeezed orange and carrot juices and smoothies enliven your meals!

Why have we chosen organic?

My father and grandfather lived on our ancestral land for thousands of years and ever since, they were always organic farmers. Our family has owned a farm in the North West of Jordan (click for map) in a place called Al Salt mountains, 15 miles (20 kilometers) from the Dead Sea, with intense sunshine and fertile soil. My family planted, harvested and produced some of the best tasting grapes and olives. My family commitments to produce these ancient crops were rooted in our culture and farming practices. My father never heard of using chemical pesticides or fertilizers. He always used his learned wisdom from his family, parents and grandparents to produce food free of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. As a child, I went with him to the farm to learn and enjoy the fruit of his labor. His grapes were the best I ever tasted in my life because they were grown by organic traditions that farmers of that part of the world had used for thousands of years. From day one, organic food was and still is part of our family.

Razan’s Organic Kitchen in Berkeley was founded in 1993.

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